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G&BL is a real shop in shop, optimizing the spaces to well manage sales.
The internally minded design and production, allow G&BL to exploit all knowledge of its experts in launch of products.

Espositore verticale G&BL

G&BL packs offer standard sizes for a compact and effective exposure in stores, and informative style that facilitates the choice of the consumer and minimize the time taken to store personnel.

Those who choose to have in their store the "Solution Expo Point" formula, knows they can count on a partner able to supply all accessories audio, video and multimedia.

G&BL, always focused to improve his relationship with the end-user, in the last year improved the Layout in order to independently serve the customer, inside the structure, making visible the products and the various areas of interest and promotion.

Product category

G&BL has developed the most comprehensive range of cables to suit all needs for both domestic and professional Home Theatre systems.

Analog or digital connections of the various devices are granted by professional cables manufactured with high quality materials and innovative construction techniques.

• Audio power Cables
• Audio Mic Cables
• Hi-Fi systems power strip
• Stereo RCA audio Cables
• Digital RCA audio Cables
• Optical digital audio cables

G&BL has always been a leader in Video links thanks to Italian engineering and using the best technical specifications that technology can offer.

The digital HDMI and DVI high resolution cables have always been our core business by providing a wide range of products some of which still handmade in Italy. All our cables and control units support 3D video signals, 4k resolution and dedicated ethernet channel.

• HDMI digital video cable
• DVI digital video cables
• HDMI/DVI Adapters
• HDMI signal management Controllers
• Antenna video cables
• Satellite video cables

G&BL recently entered the mobile devices world and has already established itself as a benchmark in the accessories market.

Thanks to the agreement with an international company G&BL proposed wiring solutions for Tablet and telephone market.
G&BL is the exclusive distributor of a new technology production of special cases called SOFTOUCH: particularly pleasant to the touch but that doesn't allow such twisting of the cables making them the most functional and easy to use.

• Connecting cable for smartphones and tablets
• Power Systems Network and USB car charger
• Lightning power supplies and cables
• SofTouch Premium and antinodo Cables and accessories

G&BL has always been a great expert of the Information Technology market by proposing innovative solutions market always in line with the new technologies.

G&BL can provide all cables and accessories for connecting PCs and laptops with the most peripheral such as printers, monitors, power supplies, memory drives and more.

• USB cables and connectors
• Cables and LAN connections
• Monitor cables and fitting
• Cables and power connectors
• Headphones and microphones
• Bags and cases

G&BL in the WallMount is making major efforts into the research and develop field.

This activity first includes the engineering of a new range of innovative design supports and updating of existing ones, in line with the modern ambient architecture and with the latest technology for new LCD and LED TV, Ultraslim or Curved.

• Support for speakers
• Supports for LCD, LED, Plasma TV
• Projector Mounts
• Cable Management

G&BL offers a wide range of cleaning and maintenance systems for all electronic devices with screen.

Also in this case the specific knowledge of issues related to each of these types of products, has allowed to the products research center to develop articles, in liquid or spray packaging, able to maintain as new TV screens, computers and mobile devices.

• Cleaning Products in Display Box
• Liquids for cleaning
• Cleaning Wipes
• Cleaning Accessories


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