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Founded in 1979, G&BL became in a short time, a point of reference for the Italian and European market of accessories for reproducing Audio signal, Video, Hi-Fi Technology, computer science, and more recently, in the world of smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to the agreement signed in July 2013, the new company G&BL srl has signed a license agreement for use of G&BL brand, under which the newly formed replaced both in management and in marketing of all products under the brand G&BL .
The new management with the support and knowledge from professionals with a long experience in this market, are fundamental for the growth and know how of the company!

            SRL Stabilimento


G&BL has made investment in human and technical resources its main instrument for innovation and development.

G&BL meets all the Multimedia Audio Video market, thanks to a long experience in the design and distribution of more than 1000 products and accessories covering all the needs of the consumer.



G&BL is always most focused on the quality of products, in order to provide our clients with reliable and custom solutions.

In the Italian research headquarters a specialized team deals the task of researching new products based on new technologies and market trends. The goal is to create new lines that we have as common denominator quality and maximum performance.



When a customer calls Gbl, the entire company reply.

Customer Service along with Marketing and commercial offices, constitutes a compact team able to ensure solidity that, in addition to providing technical and commercial information, solutions and assistance, collects important tips to improve constantly. Complete customization of a wide range of accessories for customers who require products that meet your needs.

Controllo qualità e logistica

Quality control and logistics

Innovative spirit and quality are important because they allow to achieve higher standards in products and services.

The Development Research & ensures that G&BL customers always receive the most amazing, advanced products available in the market. Constant checks on the whole production chain, guarantee products of the highest quality.

G&BL Logistics Office coordinates the physical management of all products. With the use of EDP computerized systems, it keeps in constant control shipments, as well as the availability of products in stock. This allows GBL to give a prompt response to customer needs, providing a complete and quick delivery. The “Logistic Service provider" formula " allows G&BL to retain control of their distribution.



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